High Secure Calls

CallProtector is a top security messenger app build to protect all your end-to-end communication, including calls, messages, and file transfers. We use a Top Encryption Algorithm that generates new keywords in order to provide a 100% secured conversation. All you need is an internet connection on your device (EDGE, HDSP – 4G, 3G or WiFi)

Top Encrypted Algorithm

CallProtector is using the AES 256, a highly secured encryption algorithm which is also used in the military for their top secret communication. ECDH (elliptic curve diffie hellman) with 521 bit length operates the exchange of new keywords. It ensures the used keywords are only known to the interlocutors during the encryption process,therefore cannot be bugged.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

CallProtector is optimized to generate small encrypted data on our servers in order to provide secured communication. We do not collect or store any metadata on our servers. The data on your device is also encrypted and cannot be bugged. If you are using iPhone,iPad or Andriod phones rest assured that your information is safe with us.

File Transfer

Send your media files fast, easy, and safe. With Premium Account, you are able to send media files of unlimited quality and be completely confident that your information is securely encrypted.

Keywords Verification

CallProtector generates 4 words which you need to compare with your partner to make sure that your calls and messages are 100% secure and cannot be intercepted. Each time before starting a call both devices generate unique new keywords. CallProtector supports PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy), which is a standard for top secret communication.

Verified Contacts

Verify your contacts by adding their ID or scanning a QR code. A compared special keywords will change the security status to green, which means that your contact is now 100% verified and your communication is now secured.

Full Anonymity

CallProtector automatically generates a unique user ID whenever a new device is registered. With Premium Features, you can become completely anonymous simply by using your ID in the system. You will be able to make secured calls and send messages without a SIM card and a phone number.

Independent Company

CallProtector is an entirely independent company and our target market are from most part of the “Western World”. In order to protect us against most of the Western secret intelligence courts, we have chosen Hong Kong as our company’s headquarter.

Privacy is the right to a free mind.

Edward Snowden