Premium Features

Premium account is

Unlimited File Size

For now you can send pictures without any size limitations, in the future we want to send other data types like PDF too.

Anonymous Account

With the anonymous account you can use CallProtector without giving us a phone number.

Meta Data Deletion

All data we normally save to find bugs faster will be deleted or anonymized after your devices doesn’t need them anymore.

Which data is saved without premium?

When you’re calling somebody we’re saving who you are calling, duration of the call and reasons for failures while talking.

When you’re sending messages we’re saving who you are sending them to, how big the message was and message state(as example ‘read’ state).


Subscriptions for Packages Price with Discount How much $ i save
1 month $3.99 0
2 months $7.48 $0.50
3 months $10.97 $1
4 months $13.96 $2
5 months $16.95 $3
6 months $19.94 $4
7 months $21.93 $6
8 months $23.92 $8
9 months +3 months free $35.88

$12 or 3 month free